Step by step guide to a typical lawn installation


Step 1.


Remove existing turf. Using a turf cutter we will completely remove your existing lawn leaving no material that can grow back through the new surface.
Turf Cutting

Step 2.


Install timber frame for securing grass. This timber frame will be sunk below the level of the grass allowing the fabric to be fixed along the edge preventing any movement or trip hazards along the edge.
Install Frame

Step 3.


Lay Weed membrane fabric. This weed barrier will ensure that nothing can grow through and penetrate the turf surface.
Weed Membrane

Step 4.


Lay sand base. The base will consist of either red granite sand or sharp sand (depending on availability at your local quarry). In certain circumstances we will lay MOT type 1 and/or drainage if it is required due to poor drainage.
Shovel Sand

Step 5.


Compact and level sand base. The base will then be screeded and compacted a few times to ensure a level and firm surface to base your lawn surface on.
Sand ~Base

Step 6.


Fit, trim and join grass. The grass will be trimmed to size and shape using Stanley knives and then any pieces will be joined together using specialist tape and glue to give a neat tidy finsih to the lawn.
Joining tape

Step 7.


Admire and enjoy your finished lawn surface.